For those who travel

The program is made individually: a preliminary consultation about what you want and what you do not want. A detailed personal map of the route just for you. The guide tells about all the sights.

Paris countryside

Visiting wine plantations, cellars, cheese and oyster farms.

– Burgundy, Chablis

– The wine capital of France Bordeaux

Dordogne in the South
A Huge Peninsula Of Brittany
Picturesque Alsace Valley

exploring history

Villas, Spa hotels, gastronomic hotels, castles

Superb heritage / hunting in the castle

Pays De La Loire

Visiting Cezanne


like a Parisien

  • spend the day in the districts of modern Paris Marais, Bastia, Saint Germain
  • walking through the most beautiful passages
  • cycling
  • retro car tour
  • moto tour


Cote d’azur